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Trade Vinyl Wholesalers

We at Carpet Trader are available through a mobile app to promote trade between buyers, sellers, and fitters. We are an app platform where high-end vinyl wholesalers and trade vinyl wholesalers are onboarded with us to supply our buyers with self-adhesive vinyl rolls and other vinyl linked products. We have stocked a complete range of adhesive reflective vinyl rolls and films. 

We have particularly built this app to assist sellers, buyers & fitters in availing new opportunities and business offers. Do download the Carpet Trader Application and sign up to explore new supplies.

For those who are unaware of what vinyl is, the usage of vinyl is open to possibilities of creativity and artwork to artists. Coloured vinyl is famous in production & every pressing is of a different kind, same as tie dye. Every pressing is highly unique in its own way. In case the records are kept in order and in good form, they can last forever.

Note that all our vinyl products are available for instant dispatch. Also, the vinyl products offered by our trade vinyl wholesalers are suitable for a huge range of applications like vehicle lettering, sign making, art & craft, vehicle graphics etc. Note that by opting for vinyl goods from the Carpet Trader App, your company is going to get the best ROI. Our app lists a wide range of distinct wholesale vinyl like intermediate, economy, premium & garment vinyl. Just visit our app today to witness a huge range of wholesale vinyl products and contact the vinyl wholesalers to get the best of products at great pricing.

Thus, note that at Carpet Trader, we stock a huge variety of sign vinyl like fluorescent vinyl, premium cast vinyl, transparent vinyl, polymeric vinyl and monomeric vinyl. Vinyl products that we stock can be used for various purposes like outdoor and indoor application. Sign vinyl that our suppliers’ stock is from top class manufacturers who are completely trustworthy.

Sign up today at Carpet Trader App and explore all the opportunities in trading a wide range of vinyl products and the pricing associated with each one of the products.

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1. Can Vinyl Plank Flooring Be Installed Over Carpet?

Answer: Vinyl plank flooring is difficult to install at the top of a high pile carpet. The squish of the plush carpet prevents the vinyl planks from getting locked properly. But if the carpet stays tight and is of thicker and tighter locking, then vinyl planks can be a suitable choice for installation.
Few people witness huge success in installing vinyl plank flooring directly by placing plywood over the carpet. But it is always the best choice to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines for such kinds of installations.

2. Can Tiles or Vinyl Planks Get Installed Over the Radiant Heat?

Answer: Yes, most of the vinyl planks & tiles can get installed over the radiant heat. But it is a good idea to review the manufacturer instructions before you do so.