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Trade Vinyl Fitters

The rise of vinyl flooring continues as vinyl fitters offer super versatile material that provides a lot of value in an affordable package. Over the years, it has become a famous sight in kitchens, bathrooms and popular amongst businesses. These days offices, canteens, stock retail stores, and more are decked with high-quality vinyl flooring. Besides, vinyl flooring is available in a vast range of colors and designs, not to mention its toughness.

Vinyl is a top choice as it makes the overall area attractive and gives a luxury end to your property. Also, you don't have to spend much on maintenance like the way you should when using timber. Trade vinyl fitters provide materials that are stain and water-resistant as well as suitable for heavy foot traffic.

At Carpet Trader App, we offer high-quality vinyl flooring products. We're a platform that connects vinyl manufacturers, vinyl fitters, and buyers. Be it domestic or commercial premises; our vinyl fitters can make things aesthetic. Here at Carpet Trader App, we've been offering high-quality products across the country.

  • Maximized Benefits

In premises where foot traffic is high, a tough and durable floor covering is essential. Our platform connects buyers, vinyl fitters, and traders under a single portfolio. Therefore, we provide you the ability to withstand wear and tear and still maintain its appearance.

Wooden floors may look attractive. However, the look can quickly fade. A quick wipe with a mop, and you get your vinyl flooring to the perfect condition. As we offer premium quality vinyl flooring, dust, mud, or moisture can be quickly wiped away and give you an intelligent-looking area.

  • Cost-Effective

Carpet Trader App is developed in order to offer cost-efficient service. Besides, trade vinyl fitters give you a perfect impression without spending a fortune. The vinyl fitters provide a smooth and straightforward process.

Also, our team can replace damaged sections without having to re-lay the whole floor. As a result, this makes it a longer-lasting solution. Your floor shall look impressive, and with the massive range of attractive designs, we help you achieve whatever you have in your mind.

  • Safe Flooring From Vinyl Fitters

Safety is of paramount importance. If it's a commercial place, you really don't want to have a slippery surface. Vinyl fitters ensure high-performance safety floors in combination with a slip-resistant surface. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for premises where safety comes first.

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1. Can I lay a new vinyl floor on top of the old one?

Answer: We generally don't recommend laying any flooring covering on top of an existing base covering. This can have permanent effects on the floor.

2. Does the Carpet Trader App offer a fitting Service?

Answer: Yes, we offer a fitting service. We are a platform with independent vinyl fitters skilled and experienced to deliver and fit your new floor cover.

3. Will the trade vinyl fitters uplift and remove old flooring?

Answer: Of course! Our trusted and experienced fitters provide a massive choice of services. We can arrange these as you order for the service from our Carpet Trader App.