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Trade Vinyl Distributors

Carpet sellers, buyers, and fitters sign up at the Carpet Trader mobile application and promote business. We have specifically built our app and tied up with the best vinyl distributors to help buyers, sellers & fitters to get new chances and opportunities & business offers. Thus, ensure to download our app & sign up to explore our latest vinyl supplies.

Conducting vinyl flooring can be really tricky. It is because there are numerous kinds of vinyl flooring options, right from sheets to LVP. There is even a lot of research & information about vinyl products to easily wade through. Luckily for you, we at Carpet Trader can help you find the best vinyl products.

Till now, you most probably must be aware little about vinyl. However, there are still various other pressing questions, which must be in your mind, and we do know the answers. Firstly, you should be wondering how many types of vinyl flooring are available. Note that there are numerous types of vinyl flooring such as peel, waterproof, sheet vinyl, stick and others.

What is the difference between WPC, LVF, and SPC flooring?

  • WPC Vinyl

It technically converts to wood plastic, which is a composite vinyl flooring. But many people even use the acronym to waterproof core vinyl flooring. Note that both the ways of addressing are correct. WPC vinyl flooring generally is 100% waterproof & its core is created from the composite of wood & plastic. In the flooring sector, it is called engineering vinyl flooring. WPC get recommended for complete residential use as it is a soft underfoot.

  • SPC Vinyl

SPC refers to stone plastic composite, even called stone polymer composite. Both such terms are utilized interchangeably. Also, SPC sometimes is referred to as a rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. It is owing to the stone plastic composite core as luxury vinyl is completely ultra-dense. Similar to WPC, SPC is waterproof & is even called the engineered vinyl flooring in the industry. Note that SPC is good for both commercial and residential use.

  • LVF Vinyl

It is an acronym for high end luxury vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is a kind of umbrella word that mostly encompasses WPC & SPC. Also, LVF is referred to as vinyl, which is certainly not rigid core or waterproof but comes with higher visual quality & generally is a basic glue down or locks installation procedure.

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1. Does Vinyl Come Just in Huge Sheets?

Answer: No, to be clear, vinyl is available as planks, sheets or tiles, presenting a whole variety of choices to express one’s personal creativity.

2. Are Vinyl & Linoleum the Same Product?

Answer: No, they definitely are not the same. While both the items are instances of resilient flooring, both are actually manufactured entirely from thoroughly distinct materials. While the vinyl flooring contains vinyl, fibreglass, linoleum is made of natural materials like linseed oil, cork dust, tree resin & wood dust.