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Trade Rugs Wholesalers

Rugs and carpets have been long in use and are an item of daily necessity. The trade of rugs has seen leaps in the past decade, and digitalization has helped traders earn huge profits. The Rugs Wholesalers can get connected with potential buyers through digital networking at the Carpet Trader App. We form a platform where you can sign up and start posting pictures of your stock. The stock rates, the images, and your performance ratings can help buyers to reach through.

The Carpet Trader App is a unique app that connects Buyers, Sellers, and Fitters under one roof. The Sellers/ Manufacturers and Fitters have to pay a minimum subscription amount to sign up with the app, and the Buyers can search for the products and services for FREE.

Our Charges:

  • Trade Rugs Wholesalers pay £39/week and can post unlimited pictures of their stock and supplies.
  • Fitters can upload their contact details and a preview of the past work at just £10/month.
  • Buyers need not pay any charges for the app usage.

Why Choose The Carpet Trader App?

  • Our app is ‘one of its kind’ platform of unique ideas that connects the people related to the Flooring Sector. Placing an ad or running a digital campaign can be too expensive for the Rugs Wholesalers. Here the App is a simple step towards a sea of buyers. There is no limit on posting pictures, and you can use the Carpet Trader App 24x7.
  • The Buyers too can engage on the Carpet Trader App with no costs and no limitations. They get a wide exposure to the stock availability with renowned Trade Rugs Wholesalers and can have a flourishing trade.
  • The Carpet Trader App also opens a whole new world for the Fitters who struggle to get work and get highly paid. Our app gets you connected with industry experts and potential work providers.

Download Carpet Trader App:


1. Do the Carpet Trader App Sell or Buy Stocks?

Answer: No, the app connects the Trade Rugs Wholesalers and the buyers across the UK and does not conduct or support any transactions. All the Buyers and Sellers are verified and approved after a stringent data check.

2. What If I Want Things At A Discounted Price?

Answer: The good news is that the Carpet Trader App also holds announcements on stock clearance sales from the Rugs Wholesalers. This means that the Buyers can get unbelievable rates on the desired products with no quality compromise. The stock clearance is updated almost at every time of the year, and you do not need to wait for the year-end to accumulate your discounts.

3. How Can I Connect With Genuine Fitters?

Answer: The Fitters registered at the app are genuine workers with all the KYC and ids approved. They also post pictures of their past works for you to speculate and see. Although, we must mention here that the app does not guarantee any authenticity. We are only associated with networking.