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Trade Rugs Fitters

A rug fitter performs a varied role, and an experienced fitter comes with multiple skills and completes a job easily. They specialise in installing floor coverings, ranging from rug to vinyl and require calculating the measurements perfectly for a seamless fit.

Carpet Trader App is a platform that brings sellers, buyers, and fitters all under one roof to promote trading.

Whether you are looking for rug fitters or trade rug fitters, you will get them all on our platform. There are multiple benefits of signing up on the Carpet Trader App.

  • Practical Skills

Professionals who are registered on our app possess excellent practical skills and hence apply their experience to every job perfectly. They are quick in making their decisions regarding every project they are working on. Besides, they are excellent at solving any problems that might occur in the process.

  • Numeracy Skills

Estimating the sizes and quantities are a great job that ensures a perfect fit. Rug fitters or trade rug fitters who are registered with us have excellent numeracy skills and hence determine the lengths, times and resources required correctly.

  • Excellent Communication Skills

The job of rug fitting requires continuous communication with the customers. Our registered rug fitters or trade rug fitters are in continuous communication with our customers and ensure that they are meeting the expectations of the customers. All our trade rug fitters possess excellent communication skills, ensure that they provide high-quality service every time, and ensure to meet the specific needs of the customers.

  • Physically Fit

Fitting rugs involve high physical activities. Our rug fitters involve in transporting the rug materials, fitting the rug correctly. Hence, we ensure that they remain physically fit so that they can carry on their job efficiently and safely.

  • Knowledgeable

Our rug fitters are experts in their trade and hence, as a vast knowledge of flooring materials. They will advise you on rugs, vinyl and wooden floorings and everything that would suit your needs.

  • Professional

All our rug fitters are professionals. Although most people might think that they can fit the rug themselves, professional trade rug fitters possess training in measuring and fitting your rug seamlessly. They ensure to provide a perfect finish and with precise dimensions.

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1. How much does a rug fitting cost?

Answer: Generally, rug fitting costs between £3 and £40 per square metre. However, the estimation does not include the charges of any underlay or gripper rods. Moreover, the cost of fitting also depends upon the type of rug you are selecting. If you choose a basic carpet such as synthetic and olefin, the average cost of fitting is £5 per square metre.

2. How long does it take to fit a rug per metre square?

Answer: The time required to fit a rug per metre square varies significantly depending on a whole host of factors. Generally, most rug fitters claim that they need an hour. However, some say that they can get it done within a couple of hours. If your room measures not more than a square meter without any nooks and odd-shaped walls, installing a rug will not take more than a day.

3. How long does it take to receive training to become a rug fitter?

Answer: The training takes place while you are on the job under the supervision of experienced rug fitters. Generally, it takes a couple of years to become a proficient fitter.