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Trade LVT Wholesalers

Consumers can reach us through our app. We at Carpet Traders have built this app to cater to high-end LVT products. To provide the best quality products, we have fastened tied with good quality LVT wholesalers or trade LVT wholesalers to help our sellers, buyers & fitters to avail good opportunities & varying business offers. Thus, as a consumer, you must download our app & ensure to sign up to get knowledge about all the upcoming and new supplies.

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile utilises 3D printing procedure to endow it a depth & realism that various other synthetic components cannot duplicate. At Carpet Traders, with our LVT wholesalers, we offer high performance, durable & simple remove product at a discounted pricing.

  • LVT has a designer appearance, such as stone/ceramic tile that involves natural textures & colours. It is available in 3 distinct categories: surface decorated, monolithic & printed film.
  • LVT vinyl tile is just perfect for active households owing to reduced maintenance & offers a huge range of design choices. Similar to laminate, this can mimic the appearance of hardwoods, stones & tiles.
  • LVT is vastly known for their durability. The installation process of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an easy and quick, hence, it is preferred by many.

LVT flooring utilises a few similar techniques, which are utilised to print contemporary laminate flooring to produce a beautiful & realistic flooring tile for their home. In place of depending on hardwood flooring & expensive stone flooring to avail a natural look and feel, utilise LVT flooring. LVT flooring is produced utilising a resilient vinyl coloured layer, vinyl backing, photographic film layer & durable wear layer. All our premium models involve features to add in additional realism involving hand scraping & wire brushing. 

Sign up today at the Carpet Trader App, and start trading. Whether you are a seller, buyer, or a fitter, we have the platform right for helping you get good business in terms of product offers, supply and stock availability. Start trading through our app and get the best return on your investment and promote your business. 

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1. What Is Luxury Plank Flooring?

Answer: LVP flooring has a similar manufacturing procedure as LVT flooring. However, they produce a distinct shape. In places of sheets or tiles, luxury vinyl flooring includes authentic plank widths & lengths to mimic hardwood flooring accurately. Boards are specifically designed with a bevelled edge for creating a completely finished and natural look.

2. What Should Be Your Selecting Parameter When Choosing LVT Flooring?

Answer: At Carpet Trader, we are proud to cater a wide range of vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl plank flooring, luxury vinyl tile flooring for homes. Dissimilar to other retailers, at our app, you would find several different variant LVT products; a vast range of prices to match up your budget, varying colours, stone patterns, styles & wood patterns & species, top-class brands that you are looking forward to buying.