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Trade LVT Suppliers

LVT or luxury vinyl flooring has been increasingly popular amongst home decorators. Its waterproof properties and sturdiness make it an excellent option for kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. A complete kitchen change is not always an option; however, new flooring can really update your area. Now, it can be pretty overwhelming to select a floor that will coordinate in your home with the cabinets and others. Therefore, the Carpet Trader App is there to solve your problem. Our partners include LVT suppliers who offer several options to choose from.

With the evolution of flooring materials over the years, trade LVT suppliers offer cheaper, durable, and low-maintenance solutions. So, you should definitely go for LVT when it comes to developing the aesthetics of your property.

  • Composition

Typically LVT is a layered flooring construction composed of several layers, an optical film, and backing layers. Likewise, LVT is used in commercial and residential applications, but it comes with different properties and performance characteristics as per the customer's needs.

At the top, it is made of a thin transparent layer with a liquid urethane coating. Now below the transparent layer is the print film, which provides the visual of the product, i.e., wood, stone, or abstract looks. While there are different designs, the most common ones that LVT suppliers get are the Luxury Vinyl Tiles with opaque print film.

Your LVT is manufactured using heat, time, and pressure to laminate the layers together into one product.

  • Make things look Perfect

LVT suppliers offer materials that serve as an excellent substitute for wood and tile floors. Moreover, they are much easier to install and give off the same luxurious appeal. These floorings can be easily clicked or glued into place; also, they are straightforward to clean.

As these materials are scratch-proof, they can be used throughout the whole house. Besides, this flooring is the perfect thing you can give to your residence if you have kids or pets.

  • LVT Installation

You need to keep this in mind when choosing the correct flooring type. Moreover, it's best to connect with Carpet Trader App if you're new to this area, where you can directly contact the trade LVT suppliers.

LVT provides a breath of options depending on the usages of the space. But it is highly essential to have a knowledgeable flooring installer when going for LVT installation.

For instance, healthcare facilities like hospitals have many different spaces within the complex; therefore, these facilities need different flooring types.

  • Maintenance

One of the benefits that LVT suppliers emphasize is its ease of maintenance. Moreover, once you install LVT at your residence, you need to ensure that the casters and glides on any furniture are placed so as not to scrape the LVT.

Also, the Carpet Trader App team highly recommends a multi-step maintenance routine depending on the size of the space. However, one should always choose the correct cleaner and tools.

Most LVT products come with Quantum Guard Elite Technology. These offer superior appearance and durability, which do not require floor finish.

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1. How Durable is LVT Flooring?

Answer: LVT suppliers offer the best quality flooring. However, it totally depends upon how homeowners maintain the floor.

2. How much time does it take to install the floor?

Answer: Unlike other installations, LVT suppliers ensure quick installation service. Moreover, the process is smooth and hassle-free.