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Trade LVT Manufacturers

The target audience can reach us at Carpet Trader through our mobile apps. Our app has been particularly built and designed to supply the best quality LVT products. For this, we have onboarded high-end LVT manufacturers or trade LVT manufacturers to assist our buyers, sellers & fitters in getting opportunities & different business offers. Hence, as a buyer of LVT products, you should make sure to download our application and sign up to know about all the latest supplies available here.

LVT is increasingly becoming a very useful alternative to stone or wood flooring. Not just are they available at a reasonable cost, but they even are highly known for their resistance & durability to scratches & scuffs. Note what component makes LVT very durable are its distinct layers, which builds up its thicknesses. One of the most crucial layers is its ‘wear layer’.

The wear layer is over the top of at least 4 other layers, which constitute LVT construction. The layer is completely protective and clear with precise finishing and polyurethane coating that at times are supported with the silica bead, ceramic bead or aluminium oxide. The wear layer is mostly a costly portion of LVT as it comes across to be an important part.

There are numerous reasons for the LVT or luxury vinyl tiles to be an important layer. Firstly, it is key to maintaining & keeping up durable & protected LVT. It is the wear layers thicknesses that determine the condition & life of the LVT. Thus, the thicker the layer, the tougher flooring it will have. Also, wear layers decide the flooring maintenance. It is mostly a misunderstanding that the LVT is of high maintenance & need similar care as Vinyl Composite Tiles like the regular polishing and waxing. Because of the wear layer, it is very simple to maintain just through mopping and sweeping. This comes in varying thicknesses; thus, it is even crucial to have knowledge regarding different thicknesses and which thickness would be best for your need. 

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1. How to select the right LVT wear layer?

Answer: The thicknesses of the wear layer gets measured in 1/10th of a millimetre. The thicknesses can range anywhere between 0.2 mm and 1 mm. Obviously, with such contrast in thicknesses, a major key aspect to factor in when deciding the right LVT wear layer is its thicknesses.

2. Where should you choose to install the LVT wear layer?

Answer: Distinct wear layers suit distinct environments. Wear layers ranging between 0.5 mm and 1 mm can be utilised in commercial regions like hospitals or schools where there would be more foot traffic, and enhanced sturdiness is required. Thinner wear layers ranging between 0.2 mm & above are most preferred in homes where there is light foot traffic.