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Trade LVT Clearance

The LVT floor is one of the most popular flooring options these days. It is found almost everywhere and used for every commercial as well as domestic purpose such as in airports, saloons, malls, schools and apartments. Keeping in mind the popularity of the LVT, Carpet Traders App is brings the announcement of trade LVT clearance sales for all the enthusiastic buyers out there.

The reason behind its popularity is because of the luxury finish it offers at a very comprehensive price with a greater life cycle period. It also mirrors the appearance of natural flooring ingredients with more durability. If you are into the flooring business then adding luxury vinyl tiles into your service will surely boost your Sales. And if you are already reaping the benefits of it then the good news is coming ahead as carpet traders are bringing the LVT clearance sale of this season.

So if you are a seller or a fitter or even a manufacturer you can benefit in various ways from this LVT clearance sale announcement on our app. We aim to connect all the Buyers, Sellers and Fitters across UK.

As a seller, you can boost your stock this season with a variety of vinyl flooring options, as our trade LVT clearance is applicable on a wide variety of featured products. Just go to our Carpet Traders App and click on the luxury vinyl tile tab to witness the ongoing deals and discounts.

If you are a manufacturer then an LVT clearance offer can help you to clear your old stock and will also generate new business.

Are you a fitter? Want to boost your business now? Then utilize our trade LVT clearance offer to the fullest. By uploading your high resolution fitting images and correct contact information your chances of getting new customers increases a lot.

The Carpet Trader App is an innovative platform for all types of manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers and fitters to boost their flooring business. With our user-friendly and flexible features, you can upload images at any time of the day. Manufacturers and fitters can use our app with minimum charges while buyers can use it for FREE.

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1. Is trade LVT clearance applicable on every product?

Answer: No, trade LVT clearance is not applicable on every product, you can get the clearance sale on the featured products on our app.

2. What is the ideal place for LVT installation?

Answer: Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile flooring options available to date which has a large scale application. It is applicable for commercial as well as domestic purposes. It can be installed on any type of subfloor as long as it is smooth.

3. Is it waterproof?

Answer: Yes, it is waterproof even after providing wood like luxury finish. LVT is composed of stone plastic composite (SPC), wood plastic composite (WPC) and vinyl, thus making it completely waterproof.

4. Is Luxury Vinyl flooring scratch proof?

Answer: Some flooring options come with scratch-resistant functions but no Vinyl flooring is completely scratch proof. If you have a pet then trim his nail and train him to prevent scratch marks on the floor.