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Trade Laminates Sellers

Carpet Trader is one of the premier apps for laminates sellers as well as buyers who deal with decorative laminates. You will find top-notch laminates on our platform, particularly crafted utilising unique techniques where special resins pass on additional strength to their laminates, which makes them completely resistant to abrasion and scratch.

All our trade laminates sellers endow an exotic number of laminate designs, characterised by the higher colour fastness & great bonding properties.

We at Carpet Trader encourage buyers, sellers, and fitters to come together at one platform and trade various floor laminates. Whether you require glossy interiors, speciality laminate, or a subtle chic ambience for a particular purpose – our laminates sellers have all of it in store.

  • Antibacterial & Antiviral Laminates

Our trade laminates sellers provide antibacterial and antiviral surface solutions. All the floor laminates are manufactured using revolutionary and latest ViroKill technology that kills over 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

  • BMR Laminates

Our trade laminates sellers are pioneers in their field that pay complete attention to each detail of the manufacturing procedure that our customers get on our platform.

  • Termite & Borer Resistant

Note that our trade laminates seller ensures to create special additives & adhesives that make the termite & borer resistant, thus bringing forth long-lasting durability.

Our USPs include a warranty, carpenter friendly, colour fastness, availability in wide ranges, antibacterial & anti-fungal features.

Are you one of those looking for high-quality laminate? Look no further

We at Carpet Trader promise to help you get in touch with sellers for obtaining top-notch decorative laminates for your floor. You will get a wide range of choices, like European Matt Finish Tuff laminate, High Gloss Lucida laminate & various other speciality laminate to meet your customers’ needs. 

Thus, why wait? Download the Carpet Trader App today and explore the wide range of choices in high-quality laminate sheet flooring for home or workplace. We are always happy to help you and even aim at providing satisfactory answers to all your questions.

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1. What is meant by antibacterial laminate?

Answer: Antibacterial laminate is those with hygienic surface solutions, specially formulated for the regions that may require supreme performance & cleanliness, such as bathrooms, kitchens, hostile reception, etc. 
All our laminate sellers mostly use highly designed Nanoparticles based on Self Doctoring Surface Treatment. This treatment is against the microorganisms through a complete safety protection procedure for laminate manufacturing. 

2. Are the special laminates made available for office furniture? 

Answer: As a laminate customer, you should know that office décor is different from home décor & thus, require laminates that are particularly suited to office surroundings. We at Carpet Trader ensure that our laminate sellers provide the best range of high-pressure laminate, even called the Specialty laminates. Such laminates come with special features that prove to be useful for one’s office.