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Trade Flooring Clearance

If you are a buyer, seller or fitter, the Carpet Trader App allows you to sign up with them and start trading. While you sign up on our app, you get to explore a wide range of options by our flooring clearance experts and trade flooring clearance experts.

Choosing the best type of flooring is much more complicated than searching for the best looking products. While choosing the most suitable flooring for your home, you need to look after certain factors, including moisture, durability, and budget. Flooring clearance experts registered with the Carpet Trader App will help you make effective decisions with your flooring ideas at an affordable price.

Here’s how experts associated with the Carpet Trader App help you in choosing the best styles for your home:

  • Location

Your house’s location plays a crucial role in determining the type of flooring suitable for your home. If you have your home located in a high-moisture area, you need to choose between the following types of flooring- concrete, ceramic, porcelain or vinyl tile. However, if moisture is not the limiting factor, you can select any flooring readily available with our trade floor clearance experts.

  • Budget

Laminate flooring is the best option if you have a tight budget and are not willing to invest more money per square foot. Sheet and tile resilient flooring, gorgeous porcelain and ceramic tiles are also great options that fit within the budget. With your budget option is a little on the higher side, you can go for engineered and hardwood and higher quality vinyl tile floorings. You will get all types of flooring from our trade flooring clearance experts at a reasonable price.

  • Purpose

If you have pets at home, you will require a floor that has superior wear resistance. You can opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles, laminate floorings, plank vinyl floorings and carpets. Our registered traders have them all.

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1. Which type of flooring is best for resale value?

Answer: You can opt for the following types of flooring if you are looking for resale:
Solid hardwood
Engineered hardwood
Laminate flooring
Tile flooring and
Vinyl plank

2. Is it necessary to match flooring throughout the house?

Answer: No. Our experts recommend choosing to mix different types of wood on the floor for a stunning look. You can also combine two or three different colours or styles of marble or other kinds of floorings.

3. Which colour of the hardwood floor is best for resale?

Answer: We recommend you go for dark stained hardwood flooring. You can choose the colours of the hardwood floorings between espresso, dark walnut and antique brown. The darker colours often impart more colour combinations since they do not result in yellow or orange tints.