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Carpet Trader App is a platform built to help buyers, sellers, and fitters find new opportunities and business propositions. Download the Carpet Trader app and explore new suppliers.

When you move into a brand new house, renovating it and getting things right on the spot or redesigning your room are major things you look forward to. Before anything, the initial aspect you ponder over is the flooring decision. As per our opinion, you must get a complete idea of the thorough aesthetic you are looking to attain & select your rug or carpet according to your preference.

With the carpets, it is crucial to purchase the one, which is hardy as carpets are bought with the mindset to use for a long time. Note that the carpet style, as well as feel, must resonate as per your present and future self. Do not choose a carpet that is just on-trend & might simply feel outdated in just a few years. Classic carpets are those, which can withstand for long.

Not to forget, one cannot be very whimsical with their choices as it is very simple to change the placement of carpets when they decide on restyling their room. Flatweaves or carpets are a simple way to add in a pop of rejoiceful colours or focal points to space with the choice to move it to the next room when any fancy thought takes you. At our Carpet Trader platform, you will find a lot of carpet sellers or trade carpet sellers displaying their modern rugs that present appealing artwork. Note that all our carpet sellers/trade carpet sellers are 100% verified and authentic, serving the best product.

All our carpet sellers present crucial design elements on carpet that act towards adding character to your room, solidifying design themes and reinforcing the style. Their carpets contain textural & visual elements with designs, patterns, neutral or motifs. May it be contemporary, classic or transitional, carpets can be essential to your story of design.

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1. What are distinct kinds of carpet grades?

Answer: Hand-knotted carpets are highly desirable & considered one of the best qualities as they are woven carefully by the skilled professional artisans & are made to be very strong & can withstand tear & wear. Our carpet sellers even sell handmade pieces.
Hand-tufted carpets are prepared by hands partially and by using tools partially to assist punch in strands of wool on the carpet canvas. They even have less time to make & hardly need a similar kind of skill.

2. What are the different kinds of carpets we have on our platform?

Answer: Carpet sellers who are signed up with us stock original carpet pieces from the 19th to 20th centuries as well as the latest modern carpet styles. Few are acquired privately by royal families, whereas other carpets on our platform are purchased by the other family background to make their home look appealing and enticing.