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Trade Carpet Manufacturers

We are the Carpet Trader App, and we are here to bring you closer to the brood of carpet traders. Now connect with the best carpet manufacturers and distributors. Many find it challenging to find out new distributors that provide them with the best deals and stocks. But with our unique app, you cannot ask for more.

All the trade carpet manufacturers can now easily sign-up with our app and start posting their pictures and images. This gives them direct access to the market, and they can penetrate the occupied consumer base in a much more accessible way. The Carpet Trader App is designed in a way that you can post specific pictures along with categorised sections. You can add your quotation as well as a description.

The platform brings the buyers, and the sellers in one uniform line and your business can gain manifolds. The app offers a free sign up term for the Buyers, and the Sellers can be a part of it upon paying a minimal subscription. The carpet manufacturers can now easily explore vast opportunities in getting connected with a new market.

  • What Does Carpet Trader App Offers?

Proper Networking: The trade carpet manufacturers can now have the right business networking and explore new areas and markets. You do not need to advertise on multiple platforms. Just Sign Up with the excellent app and get started with leveraging the benefits.

Rate Comparison: As our app connects buyers with genuine carpet manufacturers, you can expect to get the best offers and deals. Get all your stock at a reasonable price through a reliable seller on our app.

Confidential Deals: The dealings between the two parties remain confidential under the regulations of this app. You can make secure business transactions and take your decisions.

Better ROI: The trade carpet manufacturers can now have a better platform to showcase their stock and get reasonable prices. You can ditch the high-cost marketing expenses and rely on our Carpet Trader App for absolute benefits and better Returns on Investments.

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1. Do We Need To Pay For The Sign-Up?

Answer: The Sign-up is Free for the Buyers and the Fitters. The carpet manufacturers and sellers can register with our app against a subscription. This is a minimal amount and gives you unlimited access to our app. You can post your designs and pictures without any restrictions and hassles.

2. How to Determine the Quality of a Carpet?

Answer: A carpet made of premium materials and has a higher face weight is considered to be one of the superior quality. Stain proof and waterproof carpets are high in demand. The trade carpet manufacturers offer you a detailed guide on their stock, and some even give you a bespoke design and customisation.

3. Do the Carpet Trader App Sells on Behalf of the Distributors?

Answer: No, the app just connects you with the people associated with the Flooring Sector. We do not buy or sell.