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Trade Carpet Fitters

The demand for carpet fitters is huge in the UK. With such high demand, there needs to be a uniform portal that resolves the request for a quick connection with the efficient fitters around the area. The Carpet Trader App brings you closer to a brood of professional trade carpet fitters who charge nominal fees to fix a newly bought carpet or service an old existing one!

The Services Offered By The Fitters Are:

  • Fitting and resizing new as well as old carpets.
  • If there has been under-floor plumbing work, then the fitters refit the existing carpets.
  • Due to continuous usage and wear and tear, the carpets coil up or get cluttered in some portions of the floor! The professional fitters stretch this and improve the appearance and fit of the laid carpet.
  • If the carpet or the other floor coverings need repairing, then the trade carpet fitters are there to fix that like a pro.
  • A carpet fitter is needed to clean a dirty carpet and service it at frequent intervals.
  • A professional fitter plays a vital part in laying the newly bought laminate according to the floor space correctly.
  • Tiles, vinyl, wooden flooring, and other floors are fitted to perfection by professional carpet fitters.
  • The sanding and polishing of the wooden carpets need the help of a professional trade carpet fitter and one can be found one the Carpet Trader App.
  • If the floor needs remedial work like screeding or levelling, you need to remove the old carpet and replace it with the new one. This can be carried out in a budget by the fitters found on the app.
  • Unique floor covering such as cushion flooring, safety flooring, and other anti-static flooring is laid perfectly by the trade carpet fitters.
  • DIf there is an installation of a wood-burning stove in any home, the carpet fitters can be called to lay hearths.
  • Carpet binding/whipping is a vital service offered by professional carpet fitters.
  • A protective finish to the beautiful carpets can be carried on by a professional carpet fitter.

As mentioned above, the fitting and fixing of the carpets and the flooring can be done by professional carpet fitters from the Carpet Trader App. If you a carpet dealer, then you need to provide various value-added services to your customers to have an edge over the others in the industry. Providing them with quality fitting services can be a game-changer. So sign up with the Carpet Trader App and get the best networking with the likes in the industry!

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1. How Long Does the Carpet Fitter Takes?

Answer: Depending upon the carpet area and the nature of the work, it can take from a few hours to the whole day! The fitter will examine the project and will tell the approximate time required.

2. Do I Need to Remove the Furniture?

Answer: It is recommended to clean the room with all the extra hassles to ensure a quick fitting and cleaning work. You may also ask the fitter to do so, if they agree while booking.

3. How Much the Carpet Fitters Charges?

Answer: The charges depend upon the floor area of the room. The fitters have a fixed rate that is multiplied by the room size.